• Once the pre-ordered item arrives in stock you will be invoiced by email to pay your remaining balance. We DO NOT automatically charge you. For security reasons, we do not store any payment info on our site. You must manually complete your purchase. 


  • Pre-ordered items are only held for 7 days from when the first invoice is sent. After the 7th day, if the remaining balance has not been paid, the pre-order is considered cancelled. The pre-ordered products will then be listed for sale as regular inventory. 


  • It is the CUSTOMER's responsibility to pay their invoice and maintain a valid email on their account with our store.


  • NRD's are only valid for the original item pre-ordered and CANNOT be transferred to a different item. 


  • NRD's are NOT refunded for cancelled pre-orders.


  • Once a pre-ordered item is in stock and paid for, it will be processed and will ship immediately. We DO NOT hold items. If multiple pre-ordered items are in stock, paid for, and are ready to ship at the same time then, if possible, we will combine them in the same shipment.