Non-Refundable Deposit & Cancellation Fee Terms


To reserve your order for an item, many of our items require a non-refundable deposit (NRD)

The NRD is the initial deposit paid when you agree to the payment plan. 

We allow a 24-hour grace period from the time that the order is place where you may cancel your order without penalty. The NRD will be refunded in full within 1-2 business days.

NRDs cannot be transferred if your order is canceled, for any reason.

NRDs cannot be reinstated and placed on a different order.



In order to keeping track of payment plans, Sculptomo Toys will need to charge a fee when a payment plan order is canceled.

The non-refundable deposit placed to secure your order will be used as the cancellation fee.

A cancellation fee is required regardless if the order cancellation was completed by the customer or by Sculptomo Toys, due to insufficient funds, expired cards, etc.



Credit card companies submitting a dispute, or charge back, to Sculptomo Toys for any NRDs, or cancellation fees, will be given a copy of the Payment Plan Contract, as well as documentation of our checkout process illustrating your acceptance of the terms, via the client required action of digitally signing the contract by typing in their full name.

The information that will be provided illustrates a contract that you created with Sculptomo Toys upon checkout and generally results in a dismissal of the dispute.

Please keep in mind that any accounts with pending charge backs will be temporarily disabled, to avoid further billing and shipping issues, while all concerns are resolved. Multiple chargebacks may result in account closure.