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  • PURCHASE LIMITS: Limited to 2 devices per order, and 10 wire adapters per order. Note: Some Wire Adapters have a limit of 3 per order of that type. Any orders exceeding these limits will be cancelled.
  • NO PAYMENT PLANS FOR SOAP REACTOR ITEMS: Soap Reactor items will not be available for payment plans. Any Payment Plan orders containing Soap Reactor items will be cancelled.

Every Soap Reactor order will be reviewed. (Name, Address, Email, Payment Method, IP location, etc). Multiple Soap Reactor orders made with different accounts but using the same payment method, shipping to the same address, or that are placed from the same IP location, or in any way appear to be circumventing these rules will be cancelled.



Includes 1 Soap Reactor Full set device with 4 wire adapters, USB power cable, and Power Adapter.

[FULL SET AC Power] comes with 4 wires and AC POWER ADAPTER. Does NOT include USB power cable.

[FULL SET USB Power] comes with 4 wires and USB POWER CABLE. Does NOT include AC power adapter.


HULKBUSTER Using 1 Device, partially illuminated 

To PARTIALLY light the Hot Toys Hulkbuster figure SELECT: Soap Reactor Full Set x 1, Wire Adapter LR41 x 3, and Wire Adapter LR44 x 3.

NOTE: You will have 2 lights NOT illuminated on the figure. 


HULKBUSTER Using 2 Devices, completely illuminated 

To COMPLETELY light the Hot Toys Hulkbuster figure, SELECT: Soap Reactor Full Set x 2, Wire Adapter LR41 x 3, and Wire Adapter LR44 x 3.


The FULL SET includes:

- Soap Reactor Device x 1

- Neo Sensor Remote x 1

- Wire Adapter LR936 x 1

- Wire Adapter LR621 x 3

- 5.5mm USB Power Cable (Not included with FULL SET AC POWER)

- 10V 2.5A 5.5mm Power Adapter (Not included with FULL SET USB POWER)

IMPORTANT: Some figures may require additional wire adapters. If you are unsure of which Soap Reactor package and Wire Adapters to get, please contact us before ordering with the batteries your figure requires. We will then let you know which Soap Reactor package you should get and how many wire adapters you will need. 


Details from manfacturer:

Each Soap Reactor has eight power outputs and a 2A USB power output for use with a variety of toy products

- Free from battery acidic leakages which is harmful to both human and toys - No need to replace the batteries periodically

- Multiple Soap Reactors can be controlled with 1 Neo Sensor (the remote included)

- Soap Reactor can be switched between manual on/off, Neo Sensor on/off or static on