ULTIMATE Justice League BATMOBILE - Remote Controlled - Mattel

ULTIMATE Justice League BATMOBILE - Remote Controlled - Mattel

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Act out scenes from the Justice League movie with this remote-control Batmobile. Front-mounted weapons that shift as the wheels turn and realistic sound effects add to the authenticity when you're racing to respond to the Bat Signal. This remote-control Batmobile comes with a 6-inch Batman action figure for more immersive play.

Remote-Controlled, Revolutionary Ride

Batman's key mode of transportation and defense must stay ahead of ever increasing enemy threats. This vehicle reflects the revolutionary advances seen on screen and offers fans innovative, remote control action. It has been carefully rendered with premium features, sleek movie styling, and POV driving using an app on your phone. This deluxe, latest Batmobile™ RC is revved and ready to delight the most discerning adult collector, with special effects for every fan!

Ultimate Defense Weaponry

This powerful, Ultimate Justice League™ RC vehicle has authentic lights, sounds and features. Rev the engine for realistic smoke exhaust. Engage the arsenal that includes high-tech rotating machine guns and a pivoting cannon. Get all-terrain drive with hydraulics performance, and go the distance with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows live-action streaming video, and a range of up to 65 feet!

What's in the box?

  • Deluxe, remote controlled Batmobile™ with premium Justice League™ movie features.
  • Driver’s POV camera in cockpit with heads-up display/HUD overlay.
  • Engine makes authentic sounds and smoke releases from the exhaust pipe.
  • Comes with a Super Speed Battery System, for 30 minutes of play on a 30-minute recharge.
  • Four armored wheels roll, turrets move on hood and special "jump mode" elevates the vehicle for better aim.
  • Special "jump mode" elevates the vehicle for better aim.